Dear New Client,
The following FAQ will make it easier to get acquainted and begin a working relationship with Riki Kanterovitz.
For further questions, please contact Riki directly.

Where does the photo shoot take place?
Riki’s studio is in Beitar Illit.
Yemin Moshe in Jerusalem is a favorite spot of Riki’s, thought she happily will shoot at other locations upon request.

I am interested…when should I book my appointment?
Riki is usually booked 2-4 weeks in advance, so as soon as you decide you want your family’s portraits taken by this talented artist, call or email her. rikikanter@gmail.com phone 054-795-4136

What time do you normally shoot?
Riki can shoot any time of day but the best hours for the kids are early morning.
Her studio is open 9:00- 3:00. If you need an afternoon or a Friday session it is with an additional charge.

Do you use any props?
Though Riki has plenty of baskets, wagons, chairs, stools and adorable hats and petti-skirts, the star of her photos is your child, not props or cheesy background scenery. But don’t limit your creativity. If you have some specific look in mind let her know and we’ll try to achieve it.

How does the session normally run?
Riki’s typical session is relaxed, calm and probably unlike any other portrait experience you’ve had. She will never hurry you along and will take all the time needed to be sure that we get a good sampling of poses for you to choose from. Newborns and young children usually need the most time as they will often require comforting, soothing, snacks, etc. She likes to let the bigger kids play and have crazy fun so we can capture their true personalities.

What makes Riki such a superb photographer?
Riki likes kids. She’s still in tune with the freedom of her own childhood, so she relates with kids so well. Parents often tell her about previous disappointing experiences with other photographers. What nightmares for those kids…being scowled at and bossed around. It’s a wonder that those little faces aren’t awash with tears. Riki’s secret is just respecting children for who they are. How else can you capture a picture of who those little ones truly are? “Besides,” Riki says, “I love the surprises when you let them be. They dance, prance, and smile by the mile. Even a headstand when you least expect one. There are lovable stories behind those young eyes. I’d rather be more of an Observer rather than the Director. Children’s own sense of joy guides my sessions. It’s a fun experience rather than a grind, for all of us.”

What is the youngest age of a child to be photographed?
Newborns are her favorites to photograph! That’s 5 to 15 days after birth. “I love capturing their yummy-ness,” Riki enthusiastically explains. “Older than this, they sleep less and aren’t as flexibly curly. Also newborn acne and colic often arise after the second week. Everyone says I have infinite patience with my young subjects. It’s a delight grabbing those first soft moment before they are gone in a blink.”

I’m pregnant. When should I book a session for my soon to be born baby?
We know that giving birth is unpredictability, but if we write down your due date in Riki’s calendar, we’ll reserve a spot for after you give birth. “Some moms text me a message or email when the baby is born and we plan accordingly. We can always adjust the time if need be. We’ll do our best to work newborn sessions into Riki’s schedule but ONLY if you’ve called to notify her of your due date and pre-book a tentative session. Like I said, between 5 and 15 days is the optimum time to sneak in those precious portraits.

What do I need to know about a Newborn Session?
When you come in for your newborn session, prepare to be there for about four hours so that we can take our time waiting for the baby to fall asleep, eat, get changed, etc. Newborns look best in photographs when they are nude, or in a diaper/diaper cover. Also, bring a black shirt for yourself. Many times you will be the favored backdrop, as that is where your baby will be most comfortable. Bring an extra change of clothes, too! Naked babies like to go potty all over! (Trust me, it happens ALL the time 😉

What do I need to know about a session for a Toddler or Child?
Children ages 6 months and up are so much fun. The session may be a little crazy, because it isn’t always in their nature to sit still and “pose”. I like to give your child the time and space needed to get the perfect shot. There is no rush; they are free to play and explore. The BEST shots are taken when they are just being kids. On-Location shoots (at your home, park, etc) are GREAT for this age. (For Tips on Dressing, see below.)

“What should we wear?”
That’s one of the most common questions I hear. But the answer really depends on the mood and style you want to reflect in your portraits. Plain bright colors, solids and basic styles will work the best to maintain the focus on your child. However, it is still recommended that you bring clothes which suit your child’s personality (Don’t forget the hats, dress up clothes, etc). Plain is nice, but fun, bright, trendy clothes are great too!

If your child has a favorite toy, blanket, or stuffed animal, I encourage you to bring those as well. Bring anything that you think may make a fun prop.

How does the payment work?
At time of booking, Riki will take your credit card number and charge it for 500 nis.
At the photo session you will pay the full chosen session fee in cash or check.
In case of cancellation / postponement of the session date, the session fee will not be returned.

If cancelation is due to the children being sick or another urgent case, the “cancellation fee” will be accredited towards your session fee.