About Riki

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why I like my photographs to speak for themselves. Allow me to introduce myself.

As a youngster, everywhere I went, I dragged along a camera. Whether it was of people –or places, I loved snapping pictures. My mom was a professional photographer, so I suppose I was gifted with those genes. I graduated Oman Photography Art College where I studied commercial photography with a special concentration on creative artwork, Though I turned professional only 5 years ago, my business has zoomed as swiftly as my clients can share their beloved photos with family and friends.

You might notice my advertisements feature portraits, but I’m especially skilled at capturing the mood and atmosphere of family events. My forte is discovering and expressing the best in children, families, and the innocence of a new born child.

You know there’s something unique about each of your children, which makes our world just a little bit brighter. My pleasure is to find that zing, and watch it shine through my lens. That’s the gift I’m delighted to bring to you.

Rather than continue running on about myself, here’s where I’m going to ask you to take a peek at my photo galleries. Looking forward to meeting you, and your loved ones, at a sitting soon.

Warmest Regards,